Six Simple Spa-like Self Care Tips While Sheltering at Home

Spa-like Self Care Tips
Spa-like Self Care Tips
Six Spa-like self care tips to bring relief to your soul during the Coronavirus Era…and beyond.

Six Simple Spa-like Self Care Tips While Sheltering at Home

Help!  Spa-like Self Care Tips, please.  My joints are telling me I’m stressing and I don’t like it.

These are highly unusual times.  This weirdness won’t last forever, but for now the undercurrent of stress is a part of social distancing and sheltering at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Seuss

Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

So realizing I was stressing about being stressed I’m taking Dr. Seuss’ advice to say how I feel and go about taking care of myself.  Especially because I have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and stress can cause major problems with managing the autoimmune disease.

The coronavirus, or any infective for that matter,  is concerning to those of us with an autoimmune disease because our natural immune system isn’t working totally as designed.  It is working in overdrive in one way or another.  With RA, it is working in overdrive attacking the joints.  Many of us are on medications to treat our autoimmune that suppress our immune systems.

Nobody can tell by looking at me that I have RA.  Unless I’m not moving so well or my hands are not working, it isn’t evident I have an autoimmune disease.  So it is up to me to best keep myself safe and care for myself.

Of course, my family and friends know this and do what they can to help protect me.  But, I am the one living with RA and I know all too well what it does when not under control, so I’m the one motivated to stay well.

Because we are sheltering at home and only leave to get essential items, this spa is pretty bare bones and simple.  That in itself makes it a good thing.

Here are my Six Spa-like Self Care tips to bring relief to your soul during the Coronavirus Era:

  1. Soothing Bath.  Of course, a warm soak in the bathtub is number one!  It legitimizes getting away on your own to relax.  I have a favorite verbena foaming bath product I bring out.  You may want to add a cup of epsom salts to the bath water, if you have it around.
  2. Reach Out and Call an old friend you have been thinking about.  There is nothing like catching up with an old buddy.  Connecting with those that have meaning in our life is uplifting and feeds the soul.
  3. Movie Time.  I personally like the feel-good-happy-ending type.  Or a flick that is hilarious, or one that just warms your heart.  Hallmark channel comes to mind.  (Charlotte’s Web is one of my favorites from when our son was a little guy.)
  4. Reading.  Give yourself the A-okay to read that novel you’ve been putting off.  I like to read inspirational literature.  Once again, food for the soul.  These are times to enjoy simple, basic, and comforting thoughts.
  5. Hot Cup of Tea or Flavored Coffee.  Morning coffee can be made special by adding a shake of cinnamon to the grounds.  A cup of herbal tea in the evening can be very relaxing.  The warmth as it goes down can soothe the soul and feel so comforting.
  6. A Splash of Fruit Juice to Sparkling Water.  My favorite is a splash of cranberry juice to my sparkling water.  And if I have some fresh cranberries in the freezer I float a few!  It is happiness to watch the berries bob around as I drink the water!

These are very simple, but kind of right for a time such as this.  And when the Coronavirus Era is history, they will be good to remember and use when the soul needs to be soothed.

I’d love to hear your suggestions.  In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

And that is using Arthritis Wisdom!

XXOO  Cathy

photo credit: Unsplash


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Arthritis should have the smallest footprint possible on your day-to-day living.  Small things added together make a huge impact.  Here’s to living your best life, even with arthritis!  Cheers!


Cathy from Arthritis Wisdom


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