Healthy Sparkling Cranberry Refresher
Sparkling Cranberry Refresher is a fabulous alternative to a sugary holiday punch

Cheers!  Healthy Sparkling Cranberry Refresher

Cranberries bring to mind warm and fuzzy memories from my childhood!  My mother’s holiday menu always included cranberry sauce.  My grandmother would string cranberries and popcorn to hang, as garland, on the Christmas tree.  I love remembering South Dakota holidays with my family!

Little did I know at the time, these beautiful berries are a superfood,  an antioxidant powerhouse!  They measure more antioxidant capacity than spinach, broccoli, strawberries or cherries!  Cranberries contain vitamin C, dietary fiber, and vitamin E among other nutrients.  For someone with RA (rheumatoid arthritis), this is especially good news.  The antioxidants fight the oxidative damage caused by free radicals, helping to prevent disease.  I am always looking for ways to help my body stay as healthy as possible!

I enjoy jazzing up my water to stay hydrated during the dry winter months.  To keep with the joyous spirit,  I top my sparkling mineral water with a splash or two of cranberry juice.  The bright red color makes the drink look and taste special!  I float a few berries as a garnish, they are fun to watch bob around as you drink!  This is a simple way to add nutrients and hydration to my diet.  As a reminder, fruit drinks often have added sugar, therefore, always read the label to make sure you know what you are getting!

Cranberries are usually a part of yuletide celebrations, but they ought to be a part of our diet anytime, year around!  CHEERS!**Cathy**

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Arthritis should have the smallest footprint possible on your day-to-day living.  Small things added together make a huge impact.  Here’s to living your best life, even with arthritis!  Cheers!


Cathy from Arthritis Wisdom


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